Missing Link

Unlock the hidden potential of your fertilizer program with Missing Link™ Gold and Missing Link™Black.

These natural products are an ideal additive that boost bio-activity and help transport nutrients rapidly and effectively to improve the performance enhancing results of your Mega Mass Plant Products!

Missing Link Gold
Missing Link Black

Pure Energy

Pure Energy provides the finest carbohydrates, amino acids and select micronutrients for aggressive growth and should be used on plants throughout all stages of their life cycle.The formula also enhances the growth of micro bacteria in organic soil cultures for optimized nutrient uptake.

Pure Energy – Science in a jar, Supplement for Plant Growth

Pure Energy

Weight Gain

Mega Mass Weight Gain will create dense, vigorous, bud development that will maximize bulk for end harvest.

Use for 3-4 weeks during late flowering. Begin use when flowers are well established.

Weight Gain


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