Veggie Pharm:

Grow tomatoes, peppers, leafy greens and more with the VeggiePharm Passive Hydro Starter Kit and accessories.

This line contains everything you need to build your first system. Seeds and nutrients not included. Great for schools and classrooms. A hands-on experience.  

Available Products:

4 Site Starter Kit:Bucket Add-On:Air Expansion Pack
6 feet x 1⁄2” ID hose1x Bucket sq 14”1x Marina 200
1 x Valve Attachment1x Lid sq 14”4x Medium or 6” Airstones
1 x Solid Lid for Master Control Bucket1 x grommet ½”20’ x  Airline
4 x Basket Lid for Grow Buckets1x Tee2 x 3/16 tees
4 x Grow Bucket with tee connector & grommet32” x 1/2 “ hose1x Instruction Sheet
1 x Grow Bucket with elbow connector & grommet1x Instruction Sheet
25 Litres x Hydroton
4 x 3” Rockwool squares with circular hole
4 x 2” Rockwool cube
1x Instruction Sheet

Burpin’ Burp Bin:

The Burpin’ Burp Bin and Burpin’ Burp Bin Junior are a revolutionary and innovative new way to cure your dried flower products. They have a built-in hygrometer to let you know when it’s time to burp!


  • Once your harvest is dried to your preference (trimmed, or untrimmed), remove flowers from main stems and place product in the Burp Bin (typically when small stems snap, and larger stems bend)
  • Close lid, do not over pack (50% full max)
  • If humidity levels in the Burp Bin rise above 60%, or product begins to feel damp, BURP (open) large side of Burp Bin lid for 20 mins – 1 hour (or until outside of product feels slightly crisp again)
  • Repeat for 1-2 weeks, or until product reaches desired consistency