GrowPharm Garden Gear produces and distributes a wide range of indoor gardening products, including coco, fabric pots, plant supports and more! Here is a quick overview of some of our more popular products:

Fabric Pots:

Produce healthier plants by using fabric pots to air prune the roots.

Your plants will have the freedom to breathe through the fabric. Using fabric pots creates lots of smaller finger roots. These small finger roots absorb moisture and nutrients more efficiently so your plant grows faster and stronger. (Made from black soft felt cloth.)

Coco Coir:

Grow Pharm Coco Coir is a high quality, low sodium growing medium is an environmentally friendly alternative to sphagnum peat moss and is exclusively distributed in Canada by MegaMass.

When hydrated with water, bricks, and blocks rapidly expand which saves you time and effort. They can be exclusively used by themselves, blended together or mixed with expanded clay pellets, perlite or topsoil. The product will biodegrade, returning to the earth in three years.

Better still, you can run it through a chipper and amend your soil with it. Incredibly strong, it makes a better candidate for use with enzyme products that convert roots to biomass.

  • Each 5kg brick makes between 60-70 litres of ready-to-use soilless media
  • Optimum air to water ratio
  • Increases nutrient retention and provides essential aeration
  • Expands up to 5 times its packaged size
  • Great for outdoor gardening
  • 100% organic coir fiber
  • Flushed of excess sodium
  • Coco coir has a neutral pH range of 5.2–6.8

Veggie Pharm:

Grow tomatoes, peppers, leafy greens and more with the VeggiePharm Passive Hydro Starter Kit and accessories.

This line contains everything you need to build your first system. Seeds and nutrients not included. Great for schools and classrooms. A hands-on experience.  

Burpin’ Burp Bin:

The Burpin’ Burp Bin and Burpin’ Burp Bin Junior are a revolutionary and innovative new way to cure your dried flower products. They have a built-in hygrometer to let you know when it’s time to burp!